What should you look for when hiring lighting personnel?

An event: whether a music concert, a festival, a play in a theatre or pretty much anything else is dependent on the lighting that you use, especially in places where they are noticed like a music fest where there are different strobes, colors and patterns to dazzle the audience. But since you don’t have the time to take care of it, how about hiring some lighting personnel to do the work for you? A great idea, but we suggest taking a look at these before going for one so that you always get the best lighting personnel at the best price.


Reviews: As we’ve mentioned in our earlier articles, in this digital age there’s a very good chance that the business you’re searching for is present online. Just look them up on Google and you’ll see a few reviews that should give you a rough idea if the company that’s providing the lighting personnel are good or not. Although reviews can be manipulated, a large number of them fixating on the same thing is an indication that they’re not.


See their skills: A good review base is a good indication of what to expect, but seeing is believing. If the company is up for it, you can give their lighting personnel a test (of sorts) and see if they are the kind of folks you’re looking for. Be sure to keep your other crew members nearby to get a second opinion when necessary.


Price: One of the main factors here is obviously the price. Everyone has a budget, and while most companies have the same sort of pricing, it doesn’t mean you can’t use your convincing skills to bring the price down a bit. If that doesn’t work, all you can do is compare and go for what seems best for the price. The thing to remember here is that always going for an expensive option isn’t the best course of action.

A lot of times companies just overprice due to their brand reputation so do make it a habit to compare what you are getting out of the money you pay.


Flexibility: Sometimes it might be the case that you are only a few people short and you need someone to fill for their place. Ask a company if they can do that should the need arise and if they do, then its obviously something worth going for.

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